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Q: Who is Keystone Financial Group?

A: KFG is an independent firm that partners with individuals and businesses during times of transition or retirement to help get their "financial house" in order.

Q: What does independent mean?

A: As an independent firm, KFG has access to a wide range of financial services and solutions through objective research to help ensure our client’s wealth is strategically managed and preserved.

Q: What do you mean by partner?

A: KFG Advisors partner with their clients to make informed decisions through education, communication, and service. This ongoing partnership provides the foundation that allows clients to feel confident in addressing all things financial.

Q: What type of clients do you work with?

A: As an independent firm, KFG Advisors work with a variety of clients at different stages of their lives or careers to provide a spectrum of solutions to help each individual work toward reaching their financial goals.

Q: Explain the KFG financial advisor’s relationship with LPL Financial.

A: LPL Financial is simply our internal support system which holds custody of client assets, maintains client investment records and provides reporting directly to each client. LPL Financial is our internal resource for the services and support necessary to ensure that all client investment and financial needs are satisfied in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

Q: What type of fees are involved?

A: No fees are involved until an investment strategy is mutually agreed upon and a plan is set forth to invest funds or implement the financial plan.