Brooke Russell

Brooke has lived in the Lexington/Nicholasville area all her life. She enjoys writing fictional novels, visiting peddler malls, marking off items from her bucket list, and spending time with family and friends.

In 2015 she attended college as a full-time student at Eastern Kentucky University and was involved in eight clubs. She was awarded three times in Business Strategic Planning and Consumer Behavior Reports, won second place in the University’s 2017 Entrepreneurship Competition and achieved third place in 2018. The social butterfly graduated in the Spring of 2019 with a Bachelor’s in Business Marketing and a Minor in Police Studies.

With a big heart and the desire to make a difference, Brooke entered the work force as a Family Support Specialist. She assisted the community by signing clients up for SNAP benefits and Child Care programs. After gaining experience, Brooke took interest in expanding her assistance to senior citizens. During the 2020 world spread of COVID-19, Brooke joined the Senior Living Communities, specializing in Alzheimer’s and Dementia. She provided care as an Activity Assistant full-time and as a volunteer aid when needed. Continuing to make a difference, Brooke joined the KFG family in February 2022 and is always making sure everyone feels welcomed.

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